Personalised Service

It is often the little things that make the most impressive impact. Our highly intuitive staff members know this and take great pleasure in assisting you with whatever you need. No request is too tiny nor any inquiry too troublesome for our spectacular team: no efforts will be spared to satisfy any demand.

Whether you are a regular guest of ours or a first time visitor, let us impress you with our stellar service superstars. Does your toddler prefer their ‘babyccino’ served to them a little tepid? Not a problem. Are you in town last minute hoping to watch your favorite star from Arab Idol but didn’t have chance to book your tickets yet? We can help. Can’t get enough of our Elemis body lotion? Our room service angels will leave extras for you! DAMAC Maison Hotels & Resorts aims to overawe guests with an ability to anticipate your every desire.

Put our personalized service to the test and book your next stay today!