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  • In-Room Dining

    In-Room Dining

    For days when you’d rather enjoy the comfort and privacy of your suite, treat yourself to the delights on our extensive At-Home Dining menu, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also enjoy the luxury of your own personal chef when you are entertaining friends and family.
    In addition to fully equipped kitchens, all suites also have washing machines and dishwashers, providing you with even more choice and flexibility  

  • Restaurant


    The dining options at DAMAC Towers take the culinary experience to a different level. The main restaurant, Craft Table, is inspired by contemporary Californian cuisine, which focuses on using natural ingredients. It serves up delicious, healthy fare, in a refined, yet relaxed setting.
    The central plaza and Paramount Hotel provide their own superlative dining experiences in different locations.