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Service Apartments in Dubai

Service Apartments in Dubai

Dubai is known as a land of high hospitality standards, and true to this reputation, it is home to some of the most luxurious hotels and serviced apartments in the world. Whether your trip is a long or a short one, add more comfort and flexibility to your vacation by choosing the right place to stay in Dubai. Dubai boasts of residential areas with luxurious facilities. By renting a service apartment, you don’t have to be a permanent resident to be able to enjoy these perks of the city.

A Home Away from Home

High-quality serviced apartments, Dubai, come with many advantages including excellent location and assistance and information to help you go about your daily itineraries. With facilities like swimming pools, Wi-Fi, and common recreation areas, the line between a serviced apartment and a quality hotel can sometimes be blurred. In Dubai, you are guaranteed that your every need will be attended to, and some of the major advantages of staying in serviced apartments are added bonuses like 24/7 gyms and essential business-related facilities.

For more frequent visitors to the city who are familiar with the town’s layout, a service apartment in Dubai offers them the comfort of a personal space along with the luxuries that they enjoy. In your furnished apartments, Dubai, you will be in your personal comfort zone that will ease the stress of a business trip or give you the much-required relaxation during an intimate getaway. During longer trips, we miss the basic comfort of home food and staying in furnished hotel apartments in Dubai enables guests to cook up their own dishes.

Choose for Your Requirement

Many Dubai serviced apartments are short-stay friendly, and you can choose from a wide range of budgets and amenities that make sense to you. One of the prime factors while selecting a service apartment is the location of the place. Depending on the reason for your trip, you will have myriad options of lodging facilities. Most service apartments in Dubai are very family friendly, and for those precious family vacations, a personalised setting makes your stay even more comfortable, especially for young children who feel secure in the home away from home environment. Think of your Dubai service apartment provider as distant relatives who are sharing the warmth and hospitality of their home with you and your family.

At DAMAC Maison, we provide a warm and homely atmosphere to you and your loved ones as you enjoy the sights and sounds of Dubai. With amenities like kitchenettes where you can prepare your own meals and a well-equipped gym so you don’t abandon your fitness routine, the DAMAC Maison Breeze is a perfect base for your Dubai stay. Our highly trained and courteous staff will also help facilitate your requests regarding transport and logistics to explore this vast city. The apartment hotel is your Dubai home with its comfortable room layout. Most of them offer incredible views of the Dubai skyline with the magnificent Burj Khalifa. Plan your getaway in Dubai with a DAMAC Maison facility to get the most out of the city and the luxuries it offers.