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Yas Water World in Abu Dhabi

Dive Down the Exhilarating Slides of Yas Water World in Abu Dhabi

While Dubai is known for playing home to the world’s tallest skyscraper and largest mall, Abu Dhabi is famous for housing the world’s fastest roller coaster and largest hand-loomed carpet. Being the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is famous for its high tea and the large cluster of scenic, cultural buildings. The city isn’t afraid to challenge any architectural world record. Welcome to this exciting city, where everything is always on the move and is the location of the best-themed water park called Yas Water World.

A little splash into history and origin of the park

Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi is the world’s sole Emirati-themed fun park. Its installation was inspired by the rich heritage in the UAE that involved pearl diving, which is also captured in the unique, famous story of ‘The Legend of the Lost Pearl’. This mega waterpark houses over 45 mind-blowing slides, exhilarating rides and other attractions. Five of these numerous rides aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

Currently in its 4th year of operations, the Yas Water World park has been bestowed with over seventeen industry accolades and awards, including securing the 4th rank in the Entertainment and Leisure category in 2015. The waterpark is operated and managed by Farah Experiences, a subsidiary owned by Miral Asset Management in Abu Dhabi.

Experience the thrill of the Dawwama and the Bandit Bomber

Located close to the man-made archipelago of Yas, the water park offers experiences and rides that will thrill the young or the young at heart. Dawwama is the world’s first waterslide that is a hydro-magnetic tornado, which is a twenty-metre-high funnel that has one raft and can contain six people. Try this ride and get an instant adrenalin rush. The waterpark plays host to the world’s first interactive laser and water rollercoaster called the Bandit Bomber, which is another thrilling ride. Stay suspended in this long roller coaster of the Middle East and splash all those who walk below it.

Try the looping waterslide and the treasure hunt

Wander through the other rides and you will want to drop straight into the Liwa Loop, which is a looping high-intensity waterslide. Again, this is a first of its kind in the entire region. What you will enjoy more is the Pearl Masters Treasure Hunt, which is the first interactive treasure trail in a waterpark. The game will send the participants on a magical quest, which lets you find lost riches, solve ancient riddles, and interact with magical beings.

For more information on operation hours, ride specifics and Yas Water World ticket prices, you can inquire with DAMAC Maison’s concierge desk. Read through the Yas Water World tips before buying your ticket to enjoy an unforgettable water adventure of a lifetime. If you are looking to exploring other locations around the water park, you can check out the gorgeous man-made Yas Island and the Yas Beach beautifying its shoreline. From the hotel, we offer tours to the water park in different full-day packages you can choose from. Select from the Silver Package and the Gold Package – check what suits you best and have the ride of your life.