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DreamWorks Spa Dubai

DreamWorks Dubai

Why book a session DreamWorks spa?

Spas are the ideal place to relax and unwind after a long tiring day. Sitting idly in a sauna or Jacuzzi can relieve your stress immensely and leave you feeling rejuvenated. It is a well-known fact that your self-esteem and confidence is boosted when you take good care of your body. When you’re feeling tired after a long day of sight-seeing and shopping at Dubai’s popular locations, head over to the DreamWorks Spa to relax and pamper yourself.

About DreamWorks

In UAE, DreamWorks Spa, Dubai, is a leading Wellness and Spa in downtown Dubai area. They provide a variety of massages, body treatments, facials, morocco baths, and waxing services. Each service is charged based on its duration. Here are some of the popular services you can choose from:

Traditional Balinese Massage

This includes combining the principles of acupressure, aromatherapy and reflexology. The massage helps to improve blood circulation and generate positive energy. The scented oils will also be pleasing to your olfactory glands. It is considered as the best remedy for stress and skin problems.

60 min – 275 AED
90 min – 370 AED
120 min – 440 AED

Royal Thai Massage

The original Thai massage is said to have been invented by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a follower of Lord Buddha’s teachings 2,500 years ago. The modern form of the massage consists of the use of Chinese oils and Ayurvedic techniques. To unblock the flow of energy in the body, the massage uses the techniques of stretching and dealing with pressure points. This increases the blood circulation and eliminates pain and toxins from the body.

60 min – 275 AED
90 min – 370 AED

Combination Massage

The combination massage incorporates the principles of both relaxation and deep tissue massage. These include Thai massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, etc. This massage will help you select the particular massage that you like in a quick small session.

90 min – 370 AED

SEYO Dermalift Relax

This is one of the popular facials offered at DreamWorks. This is a technique invented by DreamWorks wherein the dermatological-aesthetical therapy system helps to transport anti-aging components to the deeper layers of the skin. It provides the skin with pure oxygen and essential nutrients.

60 min – 600 AED

Dreamworks Hammam Ritual

The Moroccan black soap has many dermatological benefits which include the removal of dead skin. In the DreamWorks Hamman Ritual, the clients are given a deep cleanse using the Moroccan black soap followed by a complete body scrub with Loofah, which is a traditional body wrap consisting of natural eucalyptus. This is followed by a Manuka Honey facial, and the treatment is completed by a soothing massage on the warm slab.

90 min – 590 AED

DreamWorks Spa Dubai is a must visit for tourists who want to unwind after a tiresome day and pamper themselves. DAMAC Maison Cour Jardin Spa is the spa facility available at DAMAC Maison's hotel in Dubai. It is one of the finest locations of the DreamWorks Spa and provides all the services.