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DAMAC Maison Aykon City

Endless Options of Hotel Accommodation in Dubai

Dubai is a remarkable city of towering structures that reach into the sky and beautiful manifestations of luxury at every corner. The city offers an array of hotel stay options to suit every traveller's pocket as well as preference. Be it luxury 7-star resorts and five-star hotels for the affluent, budget ones for those looking to keep an eye on expenditure or even dorms and hostels for the solo travellers. You can be sure of the fact that you will find accommodation in Dubai to suit your requirement.

The type of hotel you choose to stay in depends on the way you are looking to spend your holiday in Dubai. Accommodation in downtown Dubai is favourable for those looking to spend time at the malls, souks and historically significant areas. While those looking for an urban retreat get to enjoy lavishness offered by resorts and villas like ones on the Jumeriah Beach. Short term accommodation is available in many forms and packages to suit the conscientious traveller - from budget hotels with luxury accommodation to furnished apartments in Dubai.

Luxury and Budget Hotels in the Heart of Dubai

A city centre is a popular place for those on whirlwind tours of this exotic destination. However, cheap accommodation in Dubai does not necessarily mean sub-standard by any measure. Enjoy services that can match the higher-end hotels and elegant and tastefully done interiors to offer the ambience. If you're looking for affordable luxury, budget hotels near the city centre or the Dubai Creek is perfect for you. Living in a budgeted accommodation gives you ample cash left to fit in an assortment of activities. Be it revelling in the all popular shopping indulgences at the malls and souks or taking a conducted tour of the city through a convenient bus ride.

Enjoy the One and Only Dubai Shopping Festival

Extravagant yet inviting events like the Dubai Shopping Festival invariably attract more tourists than usual, leaving even the smallest of hotel rooms booked. Visitors can also enjoy a line-up of thrilling entertainment, such as fireworks, fashion shows and live concerts that take place in the Dubai Shopping Festival. Make sure you also explore other annual events and festivals in Dubai like Art Dubai and many more.

Hassle-free Hotel Booking in Dubai

Most hotels in Dubai offer the option of hassle-free online bookings so you can book your stay well in advance to enjoy it comfortably. With such an assortment of generously spread out hotel accommodation in Dubai, it could be challenging to choose! With a generous stream of visitors vying to get the best place to stay - booking your stay well in advance will allow you to explore Dubai - the land of man-made marvels like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. Enjoy the spirit of heritage history as you enjoy the warmth of Emirati culture all across Dubai.

Located very close to all the best Dubai tourist attractions, our hotels in Dubai Downtown are the smartest choice. Business Bay is where you will find all the five DAMAC Maison Hotels. Choose from Maison Dubai Mall Street, DAMAC Maison Canal Views, DAMAC Maison Cour Jardin or DAMAC Royale DAMAC Towers. The proximity of our hotel to all the favourite landmarks in Dubai makes it a convenient choice.