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Penthouse Livingroom at DAMAC Maison Aykon City

Expensive Hotels

The business and fashion capital of the UAE, Dubai is known the world over for its opulence and glamour. Sophistication and ultra-modernity are Dubai’s middle names. When you come to see the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, surrounded by other glittering buildings, you know that you have arrived at the epicentre of wealth and class. Dubai’s buildings symbolise the culmination of human artistry and endeavour. The technological progress that you see around in this consummately international city is astounding.

Stay in the lap of luxury and convenience

And in such a rich, modish milieu, it’s only fair that you pamper yourself to the fullest. The best way to enjoy Dubai is by staying at a hotel that highlights the luxury that surrounds you as far as the eye can see. A shining example of an expensive hotel in Dubai is the DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street.

Forget your worries about finding the most expensive hotel in Dubai as DAMAC Maison provides luxury while always taking care that you get your money’s worth. DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street is conveniently located in Downtown Dubai on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. This luxury hotel is located extremely close to the gigantic shopping complex and multi-faceted disco-ball that is the Dubai Mall. The mall is so close that you can walk to it within five minutes! Many other famous tourist spots are located close to this haven of indulgence including Jumeirah Beach Walk and Mall of Emirates which will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to reach by car. Besides this, the Dubai Airport is a 20-minute drive from here so you can be assured of smooth travel to and from Dubai.

Never a dull moment

A high-end hotel in Dubai, our five-star hotel offers many amenities for you to indulge in. It has a well-equipped gym for the fitness freaks and morning risers, a kids’ activity centre, and babysitting options. One of the highlights is the fact that it offers gorgeous balcony views overlooking the Burj Khalifa as well as the mesmerising Dubai Fountain. Choose from one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites that are clean, spacious and with a surprise kitchenette. The truest of luxury lovers will be more than satisfied in their most expensive suites.

With plush, sumptuous furnishing this hotel is a treat to the eyes. It has a huge outdoor pool that you can enjoy with family or friends, and offers relaxing spa therapy to soothe you and take away the tensions of daily life. Slip into the relaxing and luxurious atmosphere of DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street and enjoy their complimentary Wi-Fi and shuttle transports to and from the famous places in Dubai. While the food is voted to be superb and the cuisine is varied, something you will remember after your trip is the genuinely friendly staff who will make sure all your requirements are met.

This most luxury hotel in Dubai will seal your Dubai trip as a hospitable, glittering and truly unforgettable experience.