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Gold Souk Dubai
Gold Souk Dubai

Gold Souk Dubai

About Dubai

An enticing city filled with adventure, laughter, world-famous cuisine and, of course, fashion! Dubai is not just a city; it is a world in itself. With all the amazing experiences that it has to offer, Dubai cannot be ruled out of any bucket list. Be it a family vacation or a business trip, this stunning desert will welcome everyone with warmth. One visit is not enough to cover all the attractions. Shopping malls, zoo, restaurants, Safari – you name it, and they have it for their guests. Even when it comes to jewellery shopping, visitors get to save money thanks to the country’s gold rate. Dubai has an entire market area dedicated to gold:

The Gold Souk

An unconventional yet exciting detour that a traveller in Dubai must undertake is visiting the Gold Souk, Dubai. It is a traditional market set at the heart of a district called Deira, and as the name suggests, the ‘souk’ is a place to buy or sell and is Arabic word for ‘Mall’. With 300 shops, big and small, this little Town of Gold is known to have the best gold jewellery in Dubai. It is widely known all over the world that the affordable gold price in Dubai is highly sought-after. A visit to The Gold souk is highly recommended during your stay in Dubai.


The Gold Souk remains open from 10 am to 10 pm from Saturdays to Thursdays and from 4 pm to 10 pm on Fridays.

Shops and merchandises

Dubai Gold Souk has some famous shops such as Shyam jewellery, ARY Jewellery, and the world-renowned Damas. These shops offer delicate, traditional and contemporary jewellery for all ages. The designs are often very modern and are well-liked by women from all over the world. Necklaces, chains, finger rings, earrings and more – they will serve you with a sea of options to choose from. The place shimmers with all kinds of gold and precious stones. Jewellery lain with colourful gems and striking diamonds are bought for weddings and festivals. The quintessential attractive Arabian jewellery is also appreciated and is a big reason why tourists flock here all year round.

Fun fact: The world’s largest and heaviest ring that has won a Guinness world record award sits at the window of a shop in the Souk. This magnificent ring is mounted with 5.1 kg of precious stones and is set on a 64 kg 21-carat gold ring.

Shops with exclusive gold and diamond necklaces displayed in the windows are the perfect way to intrigue customers and with mannequins adorned with beautiful gold dresses, customers file indoors to have a look at more. Buying gold is easy at the Souk because there are information stands for customers to enquire about the on-going price of gold.

The gold in Dubai has been a quest for many tourists, owing to Dubai gold rate, and the Gold Souk attracts people from all the countries. In fact, many people travel to Dubai to merely shop for gold. Being the largest gold market in the world, the Gold Souk is a thriving industry today. Hence, it is a wise idea to splurge a little on the yellow goodness. After all, Dubai is the City of Gold!

When you’re staying in one of Damac Maison’s hotels, go on a tour of the Dubai city arranged by the concierge that will take you to the Gold Souk among many other places. Choose from My Dubai Tour, Open-Top Big Bus Dubai Tour, Amphibious Wonder Bus Tour, Dubai City Tour, and Shopping Tour, all of which show you some of the best places, including the Gold Souk, to visit in this ambiguous city.