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Sun, sand and the Arabian Gulf

Sun, sand and the Arabian Gulf

Exuding spirit and dynamism in every possible aspect, the city of Dubai has a lot to offer for a willing traveller. The city is known for the array of delectable global food and exclusive photo opportunities at some of the world’s best architectural creations. Dubai welcomes people from all over the globe and offers a slice of indulgence for travellers on every possible occasion. With its fair share of beaches, there are many like The Palm Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, to name a few that are owned by hotels. While some are free to use, you can enter other beaches after paying a nominal charge. Here is a look at some that are open to the public.

One for the kites

As the name suggests, the Kite Beach, Dubai, is where kite surfing enthusiasts get together. Located right behind the University of Wollongong and opposite to the Al Manara Road junction, it is also called the "Wollongong Beach". Sit back and enjoy watching the wave, or actively participate in the goings-on. Loaded with snacks, water or an armful of kites, you can enjoy this peaceful stretch of the beach which holds the promise of a great view of the Burj Al Arab and an opportunity for a leisurely stroll.

One for all things adventurous

The Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach or JBR is a popular destination for numerous water sports, be it banana boating, parasailing or wakeboarding. Many hotels offer these activities and more for you to choose from. Considered as one of the more family-friendly beaches in the city, it comes with a brilliant backdrop of the Marsa Dubai skyscrapers. Children can enjoy group sports or the ever-popular game of Frisbee. With restaurants that give a sea view, visitors can choose to indulge in some fabulous cuisine, too.

For the love of peace

Picture perfect and tranquil, the Sunset Beach, Dubai, is located in Jumeirah behind the Sunset Mall. Its extensive shorelines are also known to be calm compared to the other places along the shore. Whether you are looking for an early morning run or a quiet and leisurely evening walk, this provides an idyllic setting for you to do so. Since it is not too far from the Kite Beach, you can relax by the Arabian Gulf here and choose to amuse yourself with the talents shown off by kite surfers there, too.

One by popular choice, optionally yours

There are many other public beaches in Dubai like the Mamzer Beach which has five beach coves along its coast. With many facilities available here, it is one of the most popular beaches among visitors and locals alike. With the option of renting spaces and enjoying a barbeque, it makes it an attractive place for many travellers.

Travellers need to note the particular dos and don'ts, especially those concerning clothing restrictions. Having done that, time spent at any of the numerous Dubai beaches promise a dose of the warm weather, great views, ample fresh air, much relaxation, and loads of fun.

A stay at any of DAMAC Maison’s hotels comes with options of city tours in Dubai to take you to the beach and explore other popular destinations. Our helpful concierge can help you arrange for one such as Dubai City Tour.