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The Scenic East Coast of the UAE

The Scenic East Coast of the UAE

The Indian Ocean-facing coast of the UAE is different from the Arabian Gulf coast side. While the latter is a heavily developed seaboard, the former is scenic and somnolent, making it a recommended weekend destination. The gorgeous yet unexplored East Coast is just about two hours from Dubai. While on your East Coast tours, you can spend time relaxing on the deserted beaches and waterfronts, which is popular for scuba diving in Dubai.

The old Fujairah Fort

Constructed in 1670, the Fujairah Fort was damaged to a great extent in the 20th century. It is the oldest fort and one of the more prevalent East Coast places to visit in UAE. The fort has been used as the ruling family’s home and as a defence building. Originally built out of mud brick and containing three major sections, this fort has since then been renovated and reinstated to its former glory. What adds to its historical beauty is that it is located on the edge of wondrous date gardens atop a hill.

The large town of Dibba

Continue on your East Coast adventure, as you visit the most major town of the northern Emirates called Dibba Al Fujairah. Located in the coastal plain, this town is situated cosily amidst the mountains, surrounded by ancient relics and green fields. Embark on a journey along the scenic road that links Fujairah with Dibba, running parallel to the Gulf. On one side of this winding path lie the coastal villages of Bidiya, Dhidana, Sharam, and Merbah, while on the other side is the road and dual carriageway. Visited for its historical places and ancient relics that include stone implements and tombs, Dibba has been proved to be inhabited since the Stone Age. Dibba was quite famous as the commercial centre that was frequently visited by the masters of the seas of that time, the Phoenicians.

The beauty of Khor Kalba

Located in a gorgeous tidal estuary lies Khor Kalba, which is to the south of the village Kalba. In Arabic, the word Khor roughly translated to “creek”. It is well known for being the northernmost mangrove forest on the planet. It is considered the oldest forest in Arabia, playing home to numerous species of marine, plant and bird life, otherwise not found in the rest of the UAE. The freshwater flowing in from the mountains and the sea’s salt water are the main reasons for the area to be covered with thriving mangroves. However, of late, it has been seen that the mangroves are receding due to the extensive usage of inland well water. East Coast divers find this to be a good spot to check out the marine life, while the birdwatchers can throng the area in autumn and spring.

As our road trip starts, you will pass through Dhaid in Sharjah and the Hajar Mountains, and then head to beaches of Fujeirah. You will get to visit the Masafi Friday Market and shop for carpets, pottery and local handicrafts. After the Fujeirah Museum and the Fujeirah Fort, we will have a brief stop at the Al Bidyah Mosque – the oldest mosque in the country. To book an East Coast trip from DAMAC Maison, connect with our concierge. With an attractive pricing per head, this trip will be a day well spent and it includes lunch and some beach time where you can have a relaxing swim in the Gulf of Oman.

It is said that one hasn’t truly seen the whole of UAE without exploring its eastern beach islands and the coral reefs.