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Damac Hotels & Resorts
Penthouse Livingroom at DAMAC Maison Aykon City

5 Star Hotels in Dubai

You are never too far away from luxury when you visit Dubai. Being a city that takes comfort seriously, Dubai has some of the best residential and hospitality establishments in the world. The city has a modern layout connected by state-of-the-art public transport and roadways. Any place you choose to stay in Dubai is part of a larger connected grid that helps you explore and discover this futuristic Gulf city.

Staying in Dubai Hotels

Dubai’s many star hotels adorn its glittery landscape, offering guests a dreamy escape from the confines of everyday routine. Hotel stay options in Dubai cater to various budgets without compromising on luxury. You can set up base in a 2-star hotel in Dubai that provides all your basic requirements and luxury options with a touch of Middle Eastern hospitality. Or choose from 3-star hotels in Dubai that offer a memorable stay along with unparalleled amenities and high-quality services. Some of the luxury hotels in this city are trendsetters in hospitality, like the DAMAC Maison Cour Jardin on Business Bay. It has a luxurious spa, restaurants and complimentary shuttles to the world-famous Dubai Mall. When choosing your stay in one of the 3-star hotels in Dubai, stay assured that you will have an indulging experience.

Dubai is always reinventing luxury and continuously creating high standards in hospitality. You will definitely get the sense of that when looking for lodging options amongst the various 4-star hotels in Dubai.

Luxury Services Fit for the Opulence Sought

If you are looking to raise the already lofty standards even further, five-star hotels in Dubai will excite you with their various themes and services. The DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street is a 5-star hospitality establishment that will whisk you away to an experience of ultimate luxury. Enjoy an extravagant meal in its restaurant, Hatun, or rejuvenate at the hotel spa. Situated next to the most prominent retail destination in the world, the hotel reflects the generosity of Dubai with its premium rooms and excellent amenities. 5-star hotels in Dubai offer you the best of everything, leaving you with unforgettable memories.

To completely immerse yourself in this seven-star city, you have no option but to indulge in a 7-star hotel in Dubai. Spoil yourself with a chauffeured Roll Royce, revolving beds and services that will stretch your imagination.

The stately architecture and sumptuous cuisines that Dubai’s hotels are known for are a mirror of the city’s aspirations. Forever raising the bar of hospitality with silken service and thoughtful customisation, you will always have lots to cheer about in your Dubai stay. Whether you are looking for five-star hotels in Dubai or other options, DAMAC Maison offers diverse choices to make this remarkable city your favourite destination.