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Dubai Taxi

The Unmatched Convenience of RTA Dubai Taxi

Metros, buses and conducted tours are a popular way of exploring the many parts of this city. However, there are some destinations which call for an alternative yet convenient mode of transport. Regardless of the length of the commute, the RTA taxis with courteous drivers are your best option. Dubai Taxi drivers can converse reasonably well in English, making them a comfortable choice for visitors.

Discover More About Dubai Taxi Corporation

Taxis in Dubai are cream in colour with varying roof colours to indicate the operators. The RTA provides a slew of taxis, with red rooftops, intended to cater to the varying needs of visitors, residents as well as travellers. The Dubai airport taxi, for instance, does not necessarily need a pre-booking. Lined along with taxi ranks, you can conveniently call for a waiting one upon exit from the airport. Ensure that you look for the RTA sign while boarding the taxi. Airport also provides the option to hire luxury Lexus taxis at the airport.

Another option would be to use their geo-sensing Dubai taxi app or the Dubai taxi booking number to book the closest available taxi to your location. In addition, it also relays your location information to your driver. So, even if you are elsewhere in the city and stuck without the name of the place, you can easily hire a taxi. Though the charges for such bookings range from 6 to 7 AED depending on whether it is day or night, the effortless comfort may be very well worth it! Dubai taxi fare is set to operate transparently at standard government-regulated fares and additional fares calculated per kilometer. You can also use the RTA app for booking Hala Taxi Dubai or the local taxi provider, Careem.

Dubai Taxi Services and Fares

Dubai taxi fares and types are available in a variety of budgets and service options – from the functional ones to the more luxurious and indulgent ones. Those entering the city from the airport can opt for DTC VIP taxi which uses a range of luxury car models to cater to their discerning clients.

There are specific taxis servicing people with special needs. However, depending on the location and time, the starting fare can be anywhere between 6 to 25 dirham. Hatta Taxi is a seven-seater that allows you to travel at a previously set fare-per-person charge.

There is a dedicated fleet of taxis in Dubai that are encouraged for use by ladies and children. It’s considered to be extra-secure, and the taxi charge varies depending on the time of the day.

Dubai Taxis Cater to the Region's Diversity

Consisting of both men and women, taxi drivers in Dubai belong to many nationalities. Not only do they come with the ability to master several languages, but it is also the highlight of the welcoming Emirati culture. So, don’t be surprised if you get to converse in your local language the next time you hop on a taxi in this marvellous city.

Our concierge desk at DAMAC Maison can arrange airport pick up and drop off for you upon request. There is also the option to hire a taxi to visit top attractions and unique souks and malls – the drivers will drive you as you plan your day.