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Dubai Metro

Experience the Dubai Metro Commute During Your Trip

Used by residents and travellers keenly, the fully-automated Dubai Metro network is a record-breaking feat accomplished in this eclectic city. Dubai Metro is one of the easiest ways to explore the city, passing through touristy attractions, shopping malls, and city centres.

Timing is Everything

The Metro operates on all days of the week and is devised to run on routes denoted through red and green lines. The Dubai Metro working hours and timings are so convenient that they do away with the need for a timetable. The red line serves the areas between Jebel Ali to Rashidiya while the green one goes between the Dubai Creek to Etisalat station. With one available every three minutes to cater to the peak hour rush and one in every five minutes to cater commuters otherwise, you can be sure of never having to wait for too long.

Cards or contactless Dubai Metro tickets are available for purchase to begin a journey using the metro. The Dubai Metro fares are considered reasonable.

Convenient Design

The Dubai Metro train comes in different carriages – Standard and Gold class, with different fares. Typically, one carriage is divided into Gold class with a portion dedicated to women and children. While Gold class comes with the plush luxury of leather seats and less crowd, the other portion thoughtfully incorporates extra space for strollers. With parking availability at three major Dubai Metro stations – the Etisalat and Rashidiya – numerous people choose to drive and ride from appointed places. These driverless trains come with a panelled glass design that gives commuters a stunning view of the city.

Some useful Dubai Metro Tips

Commuters who are travelling relatively light can conveniently use the Dubai airport metro stations available at Terminal 1 and 3 for transfers. These two stops lie on the eastern end and are catered to by the red line. However, it comes with a limit of one hand baggage and one large piece of luggage per person.

There are a select few metro stations that offer self-check-in machines and obtain a boarding pass for Emirates passengers too. Simple in operation and requiring only a few essential details, you can do so as early as 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. This hassle-free option is available at Metro stations located at the Mall of the Emirates, the Financial Center, and the Dubai Mall.

The trains switch directions depending on the destination on the metro line. Hence, it shifts the position of the Gold class to either the very beginning or the rear of the train. Travelling in a wrong carriage can attract a penalty in the form of a fine. So, if you are travelling by Standard class, it would be best to stick to the middle carriage.

The metro train also connects to the tram system in Dubai at two stations on the Red Line – the DAMAC metro station and the DMCC metro station. These can help you connect to other parts of the city, making it an enticing way to explore the attractions of Dubai.