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The Dubai RTA

Setting an Example – The Dubai RTA

The shining star of the tech-savvy and sustainable Emirati city's transport system is the award-winning and record-beating Dubai Metro. It is the world's longest, spanning across a 75-km route. Also, it is fully automated and driverless. The credit of this achievement goes to the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai, known as the RTA. The RTA is a government-of-Dubai body that regulates all concerned services, from metro and trams, water bus and Abras, to buses and taxis. The bus system in Dubai by itself is vast and connects over 193 routes transporting millions of passengers every week. The Dubai RTA shines right through and sets an exemplary model for government bodies globally.

Dubai Bus

"Dubai Bus" is the brand name by which the RTA Dubai bus operates. The RTA is at the forefront of technological advancements and smart solutions to address nagging issues such as ticket vending and moving to paperless systems. It came up with a brilliant answer – a common card across all modes of transport. Called the Nol card, these prepaid cards can be used to travel by water buses, metro, taxi and Dubai buses too.

En-routes by Bus

The Dubai Bus has a fleet comprising of a variety, like double-decker, standard and articulated buses, serving various routes. These offer a range of budgets and preferences. There are eight express routes to places like the Gold Souk and Dubai Investment Park, over 25 feeder routes to popular metro stations like the Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mall, 13 that serve the Central Business District, 11 Intercity ones, and over 40 local bus routes. Since RTA Dubai bus timings are well-adhered to, one can easily pre-plan his commute using any of these buses conveniently to and from popular destinations in the city.

Drive Around the City

The Dubai RTA aims to use technology to back all their endeavours – from licensing to fine levy. The RTA Dubai driving license services provide everything required on a single platform. Some Travellers with an internationally valid driving license with an Arabic translation have the option of driving on their own in a rented vehicle. However, the violation of traffic rules invites RTA Dubai traffic fines, thereby making it tricky for a novice driver. Also, given the notoriety of some of the areas, travellers prefer to stick to the "safer" transport modes – be it bus, metro or taxi.

High-tech and Convenience Score Points

There is the availability of beautifully laid and monitored mass transit systems and the option of hailing a taxi and enjoying a stress-free ride. These are the most preferred ways of exploring the multicultural hotspot and tourist destination of Dubai. Exemplifying the high standards that everything Emirati exudes, the RTA is never far behind in keeping up with times or in meeting the needs of its people. It serves the residents just as well as the travellers from the world over.

If you want to buy a Nol ticket, rent a vehicle to drive yourself around, or have any queries regarding Dubai's RTA, we can provide you with all the information. RTA also has an application which you can download to explore the RTA network.