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Dubai Opera
Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera

The cosmopolitan nature of Dubai has led to a vibrant culture. This has resulted in the presence of many leading arts and performance venues, galleries and museums that showcase art forms and objects of cultural significance from across the world. The city has hosted many world-famous events; make sure you don’t miss the experience of attending such events.

Dubai Opera

The heart of Dubai’s thriving arts and culture scene, the Dubai Opera House is located in one of the most prestigious downtown areas of the world. It is a venue that plans to rival the best in the world by providing a catalyst for memorable productions and gripping performance arts. Spread over an area of over 5700 sq. ft., the world’s newest opera house is a triumph of art and design.

The Dubai Opera House is known for its enigmatic architecture, its dhow-shaped building a salutation to the Gulf city’s rich maritime past. The 1900-seater Opera House has a flexible design that involves the use of hydraulic lifts and seating waggons. These enable it to host a large variety of performances and events that include conferences, theatre, orchestras, opera, concerts, live entertainment, fashion shows, ballet, art exhibitions and galleries. One of the most beautiful and technologically astounding features of this hall is a chandelier that consists of almost 3000 LED lights and weighs 5 tonnes. This high-tech and beautifully made facility is one of the premier venues for concerts, in Dubai.


A gala night at the ‘Opera de Dubai’ is suggested to all visitors interested in Dubai’s performance arts culture. Tickets to the Opera can only be bought online, and the show runners encourage their patrons to dress up for the occasion. Dubai Opera House is equipped to facilitate a comfortable experience for people with reduced mobility. It is easily accessible by private vehicles and boasts of myriad options of public transport. This downtown attraction is in an area of many eateries, from luxurious fine dining to family-friendly restaurants, which makes for a complete evening out with your loved ones and friends.


The opera district, where the Dubai Opera is located, is an area that includes several famous hotels, shopping venues, spaces for recreation, and luxury residential buildings. With more than 50 art galleries and several other art events, this part of Dubai cannot be missed at all.

Downtown Dubai, which is the larger area around the Opera District, is home to many landmarks. These include the imposing Burj Khalifa, the famous Dubai Mall – the largest mall in the world – and the world’s largest choreographed fountain, the Dubai Fountain.

Staying at DAMAC Maison

Check with the concierge desk at DAMAC Maison during your Dubai stay to find out more on an immersive and unforgettable experience of the city’s performance arts scene. When you stay at one of our hotels, you can witness the famous Dubai downtown and Opera House during one of our comprehensive city tours. Reach out to a DAMAC Maison representative for details on how to be able to attend concerts in Dubai. We present to you all the attractions of Dubai on one platter.