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The Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame

The city of Dubai has been committed to redefining its cityscapes. As any mesmerised visitor would testify, this pearl of the Gulf is dotted with many achievements in the field of design and urban development. From tall buildings and manmade waterways to giant picture frames, the city is now the global centre for ground-breaking and innovative architecture.

The Dubai Frame

One of Dubai’s most outstanding attractions and testimony to the city’s commitment to art and architecture is the Dubai Frame. The design that resembles a giant photo frame had won the 2009 ThyssenKrupp Elevator International Award (an international architecture competition). It is now set to be Dubai’s newest global landmark. The giant frame in Dubai stands at a massive 150 m and is 100 m wide. There are glass elevators on the sides of the frame that offer clear views of the city while you travel up to the top. The two towers that make up the sides are connected by a bridge from where visitors can get panoramic views of Dubai’s landscape and skyline. As you step onto the bridge, be prepared for a massive adrenaline rush as the floor consists of a glass panel that offers a feeling of walking on thin air if you step on it. The Dubai Frame also includes a museum on the ground, which will display objects of interest that relate to old and new Dubai. There will also be innovative presentations that tell the story of Dubai’s transformation from a fishing town to a global hub. You will get to view this unique structure near the Star Gate of Zabeel Park.

This unique and ambitious landmark were the results of a comprehensive search for an emblem to promote the new face of Dubai, helmed by the city’s tourism department. It is the brainchild of the famed architect Fernando Donis and his company DONIS. The Dubai Frame Project was put forward as a design that would celebrate the city’s existing landmarks and emblems by framing them, rather than being another addition to the list. The remarkable idea was turned into reality, and the Dubai Frame straddles an area where one can see the old city from one side while the other side frames Dubai’s domineering skyline. It is a symbol that celebrates both Dubai’s significant past and its leadership in creating a benchmark urban landscape. The Dubai Frame is a must-tick on your list of places to visit and experience in this city of wonders.

Dubai with DAMAC Maison

When you choose DAMAC Maison for your Dubai trip, you will be assured an experience of convenience. We help you discover the many surprises and layers that make this vibrant city a great place to visit. From the lavish cuisines to breath-taking architecture, from retail therapy to the modern entertainment and recreational facilities, Dubai redefines luxury and comfort for all its guests. With us, you can experience its flourishing arts and design culture and a visit to the giant frame in Dubai is one of the activities you can look forward to on our arranged tours.