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Dubai Safari

Dubai Safari

A futuristic city built on dreams – that is the first impression visitors get when they land in Dubai. A convergence of the best architecture, planning and luxury, Dubai’s towers and attractions are a result of pioneering engineering and design. Dubai is a city with heart, and true to its global image, it showcases its connection to natural history and the environment that sustains us. The Dubai Safari Park is one of the sites that celebrate our planet’s beauty and diversity, a place that provides an amazing outlet for recreation but with a deeper learning experience along with it.

Dubai Safari Park

A comprehensive safari experience where one gets to witness a piece of the African wilderness, Dubai Safari Park is a massive zoological project that spans over an earlier landfill site in the Al Warqa area of the city. The 119-hectare park is divided into three separate zones – African, Arabic and Safari. The animals that are raised here were resourced responsibly from zoos across the world and also include rescued animals. The Safari Park addresses the concern of being an outdoor activity in the desert heat with high-tech solutions. To facilitate easy exploration and help animals adapt to the temperature, the park is strewn with air conditioned rocks that offer shelter from the heat. There are chilled water pools and misting machines built on the park premises to provide more respite from the summer. If you are looking for a comprehensive desert safari, Dubai, this is the real deal.

The Dubai Safari Park is a fun destination with a central hub that houses a 1000-seat theatre and a garden for children to play in. The facility has a clean energy production garden where visitors can learn various sustainable ways to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy. The entire park is designed using the best practices found in leading zoos and sanctuaries across the world, altered to the context of Dubai’s climatic conditions.

Some of the species that live in this park are African lions, giraffes, bears, hippos, monkeys, bats and Asiatic elephants. The Dubai Safari Park is home to more than 10,000 animals including more than 300 rare and endangered species. The park provides them with a habitat that is just like their natural environment. This is a far cry from the zoos and private enclosures that many have come from.

Visit the morning desert safari where you get to glimpse the beginnings of another day for the animals. Or choose an evening desert safari where you can enjoy the wild expanse with the beautiful desert sun setting in the background. Whichever you pick, the Dubai Safari makes for an unbelievable experience.

Dubai Desert Safari with DAMAC Maison

When you choose DAMAC Maison as a hospitality provider, we will give you the Dubai experience that you dream of. Please get in touch with us for enquiries about the timings and the desert safari price. The Desert Safari, Dubai, price is worth it as you get to immerse yourself in an African savannah landscape that is replicated to the smallest details with real living, breathing species. Staying at our hotels, you can access this and many more attractions in Dubai in a comfortable and unforgettable stay.