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Dubai Canal

Dubai Canal

When you visit Dubai, you will be witnessing a landscape like no other. It’s one that is constantly changing and evolving while entering brave new architectural frontiers and also saluting its maritime past. Creating pioneering landmarks is the mantra of Dubai’s development agencies, as any visitor will testify. When you choose your Dubai trip with DAMAC Maison, you can experience amongst the city’s many landmarks, the Dubai Canal Project which is a man-made marvel.

The Dubai Canal Project

Dubai may not boast of any major riverine elements like other famous cities and towns, but the Dubai Canal Project is something that will make that a thing of the past. The 3-km long canal from Business Bay into the Persian Gulf criss-crosses across large swathes of prime property and is adorned with many attractions on its banks. With three large crossing bridges across it, this navigable waterway will add a new dimension to the city’s already stratospheric appeal. You can access the pedestrian crossings and get incredible views of the canal with the developing city on both sides. With water taxis that will be made available at terminals on the canal banks, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing boat ride down the centre of the city, or you can add a Canal Walk in Dubai to your list of activities. This ambitious project is changing the map of Dubai, as one can now get glimpses of Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa while being ferried on the calm waters of the canal. The Dubai water canal project adds more area to Dubai’s famous waterfront and, along with it, many other planned attractions and facilities. With a new seaside boardwalk with all amenities situated in the prime Jumeirah area, your trip to this desert destination will include more marine experiences than you may have thought so.

This project will include restaurants, luxury hotels and housing, shopping hubs, walkways and cycle routes. The Dubai Canal is a place where one can spend many hours revelling at the enterprising soul of the city. Marvel at the latest in architectural styles being showcased on the banks of this canal that cuts through major districts and roads including Shaikh Zayed Road, Al Safa Park, Al Wasl Road, and Jumeirah Road.

Dubai with DAMAC Maison

When you stay at a DAMAC Maison hotel, be assured to experience all the facets of this great city. Start with the cuisine and the shopping culture and continue to its vibrant art scenes and its innovative architecture. Enjoy the waterfront of this city and admire its creative reshaping of the desert Gulf terrain. Boosted by a huge economy and a love for ground-breaking ideas, Dubai is a city that achieves the impossible. Whether it is building entire artificial islands or crafting a waterway in the desert, we make sure you get to witness first-hand and be immersed in the city’s urban design revolution.