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Green Planet, Dubai

Green Planet, Dubai

About Dubai

An urban centre with no parallels, Dubai is a city that has risen from the Arabian sands on the back of a booming economy, innovative governance, path breaking development and pioneering contemporary culture. A cosmopolitan hub of retail, finance and luxury, this city offers its visitors a unique experience with its high standards of hospitality. But the region has also been on the crossroads of history for ages, a bridge between Oriental and Western civilisations. Dubai’s commitment to a global identity also extends in its efforts for environmental awareness, including a project in which the pinnacle of architecture and planning resulted in a green tropical oasis in the Arabian Desert, the Green Planet Dubai.

Green Planet

What if you were told that you could get the best insight and physical experience of a tropical forest under one roof in Dubai? In a city that is the symbol of human invention and ability to transform nature, there is an oasis that reminds us of the natural roots of our existence and why we have to keep the planet green. As part of the endeavour to educate and create awareness about Nature’s delicate balance, the Green Planet Science Museum in Dubai is a must-visit attraction for all. The museum is a huge biodome with an enclosed eco space that offers visitors a recreational and educational experience with more than 3000 flora and fauna species. Within its uniquely designed glass structure, this ‘rainforest in a bottle’ will give you a first-hand experience of how it feels while you wander through a tropical paradise. The GPSM is a five-level structure with natural sunlight passing through its glass exterior, and a pass can be bought to spend your entire day out here.

Some of the many beautiful attractions of this man-made natural wonder are the flooded forest with its aquarium of different fish species like arapaima and sting rays. This location hosts the largest fabricated, indoor and life-sustaining tree in the world, of which you can get a panoramic view from the top of the dome. This state-of-the-art exhibition of our natural wonders will surprise you at every turn.

The amazing Green Planet houses many rare species of fauna including sloths, toucans, various parrot species, porcupines, crocodile lizards, boas and more. The species that dwell in this indoor rainforest have been responsibly sourced and selected to thrive in this environment. A visit to this ecology museum is a great way to get a direct visual introduction and connection to how an ecosystem works.


The origami glass-styled Green Planet Science Museum is located in the popular Citywalk area in Dubai and is accessible by private vehicles and public transport.

DAMAC Maison provides you Dubai on a platter. The museum by Green Planet Industries is one of the biggest endeavours in the world to provide such a natural experience away from the tropics. Staying at one of our hotels, you can access this and many more attractions in Dubai as we can organise tours for you. Based on the destinations of your interest, you can request with the concierge for details of arranged tours all over the city.