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Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai

A majority of families opt for tourist destinations which their kids would enjoy. Legoland is one such destination where kids will have a blast. As the name suggests, the Dubai Legoland is a Lego-themed entertainment park designed especially for children aged 2-12 years.

Legoland Dubai opening is set on October 31, 2016 and will have two sections – one with the dry rides and other will be a water park. Legoland Dubai will use more than 60 million Lego bricks and 15,000 Lego models. This will be the seventh Legoland globally and the very first in the Middle East. Lego in Dubai will soon be one of the prominent tourist attractions in the UAE where families would pay a visit with their young ones.

Themed Lands

Factory: Here, the family is given a tour of the Lego factory. Kids can witness how the Lego bricks are made and then receive a freshly cast Lego brick as a souvenir. The largest Lego store in the UAE is also located in the Factory.

Imagination: This is one of the popular lands in Legoland. Every Lego fan can let their imagination run free in this land. You can build race cars, or you can take a class to construct a Mindstorms robot. If you’re fan of spinning around in rides, then head over to the Lego Techno Twister.

Adventure: As the name suggests, kids can enjoy a beautiful adventure in this land, including underwater! You can also take a journey among the ancient ruins and see a pharaoh’s stolen treasure.

City: The Lego City has three sections – flying school, boating school and driving school. Your little one can earn their official Lego license and drive the electric cars under supervision. You could also ride boats or fly planes or even save a burning building in this minute Lego City – Dubai.

Kingdoms: This consists of two rides – the dragon’s apprentice and the dragon coaster. Kids can also pedal up and down on Merlin’s Flying machines to break Merlin’s spell.

Miniland: Ever wondered what the skyscrapers and important landmarks would look like in a miniature form? Head over to the Miniland to find out for yourself. The Lego Architecture, Dubai, will capture the beautiful architecture of Dubai in miniature form. The tallest in this lot will, of course, be the Burj Khalifa.

Water Park

As mentioned earlier, the theme park will have two sections. The second section is the water park which will include close to 15 water slides consisting of tube slides, body slides and family rafting. Lego Wave Pool will be one of the star attractions. Since it’s a Lego-themed park, you can also build your own raft using Lego components. Toddlers are given their own safe area to have fun.

Ticket Price

Legoland will be open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. To visit Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park after their opening, contact us for details. DAMAC Maison concierge can organise tours of the famous destinations in the city for guests at DAMAC Maison hotels, when the park opens in October 2016.