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See Miracles in Bloom at the Dubai Miracle Garden
See Miracles in Bloom at the Dubai Miracle Garden

See Miracles in Bloom at the Dubai Miracle Garden

For people who believe in all things bright and beautiful, a visit to the Dubai Miracle Garden is a must. At Miracle Garden, the landscape of the desert transforms into a creation of colour and variety. The garden has managed to grow over 70 varieties of flowers and display them in unique and interesting patterns in a mega garden spans over 72,000 sq. m. This man-made wonderland is packed with different varieties of flowers blooming all over the curious structures looming large everywhere. There are thousands of flowers here growing over giant hearts, domes, trellises, and fairy tale houses for you to walk through in this magical garden. Dubai stops at nothing to make sure it provides its visitors with nothing but the best.

A Scene for Relaxation

Take a step out of reality and lose yourself in this one-of-a-kind garden that exists only in your most colourful dreams. The extravagant displays and structures are neatly and laboriously maintained, providing you hours of uninterrupted bliss. Feel refreshed and energised by the clean air and the scents of Mother Nature that are capable of healing and rejuvenating the soul. The garden provides tourists and locals with a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the power city and relax in the immense open spaces and recreational areas.

The Dubai Miracle Garden location in Dubailand is packed with numerous facilities for the comfort of its visitors and regulars. There are plenty of facilities for open parking, special VIP parking, comfortable seating areas, a first aid room, numerous carts for handicapped visitors, souvenir shops, and commercial kiosks. There is also a prayer room for the visitors who don’t like to miss their timely prayers.

Something You’ll Find Only in Dubai

The city has intelligently made use of and is taking advantage of all kinds of natural resources available. It’s an opportunity for people all over the world to view and revel in nature’s bounty. These immense garden spaces are a reflection of Dubai’s undying love for standing out and delivering unparalleled experiences. In an effort to make something different and unique to promote a new kind of environmental tourism the Miracle Garden Dubai entry ticket price is highly affordable at only 30 Aed. There are attractive souvenir shops to take back gifts and memories of your visit for you and your friends.

Schedule Your Visit

Make sure you have time to fit in a visit to the exotic Dubai Butterfly Garden which is located right next to the Miracle Garden Dubai. Timings are the same every day with all the facilities available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The latest attraction in Dubai, the Butterfly Garden comprises nine covered domes which have a controlled and perfected atmosphere to propagate the perfect space for real butterflies to thrive. The domes cover beautifully designed and manicured garden areas and thousands of unique colourful butterflies that will make your head spin. There is also a museum of butterflies for you to view and be amazed at the creations of Mother Nature.

When you’re staying in a DAMAC hotel, your trips around the city can be arranged by us. To visit the Miracle Garden, ask for the City Sightseeing Dubai Bus Tour. This hop-on-hop-off sightseeing tour includes 40 stops, among which the garden is included.