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Indulge in Some Dune Bashing During Your Visit to Dubai

Indulge in Some Dune Bashing During Your Visit to Dubai

Tourists visit the wondrous city of Dubai for its iconic architecture like the Burj Khalifa and its luxurious hotels. While they also enjoy shopping in the numerous colourful stores of the largest shopping mall, it is noticed that indulging in some desert dune bashing is on top of the bucket list. Dubai can be enjoyed in a thousand different ways and cruising the dunes on a bike, or a buggy is definitely a part of it.

Off-roading on the dunes

To put it simply, off-roading on the desert dunes is called dune bashing. It involves driving a large sports vehicle like the Land Cruiser. The vehicles used for this thrilling sport are equipped with roll cages to avoid overturn. It is essential to look up the range of tours, vehicles and group leader before entering the desert. The group leader helps with guiding the line of vehicles perform the stunts on the dunes and keeps them on the right track, keeping them from getting lost. Dubai is well-known for its adventurous activities in the sand. So if you are an adrenalin junkie, you have to try out one of the three dune bashing activities in the city.

Dune bashing on a dirt bike

One of the most fun ways to surf the dunes is on a dirt bike, and this can be found on the dune bike Dubai tour. Learn how to jump over the dunes, while riding an MX bike. Experienced coaches will ensure that you are taught how to desert-ride, dune bash, and master the sands on the motorcycle. You can contact the tour operators before travelling to the desert for all the necessary arrangements and details. In Dubai, you can be assured of not just being trained by the best coaches but also try out the best equipment.

Try a Desert Safari

Sand dune safaris are a must for anyone visiting the UAE, who isn’t too confident to ride the dirt bike. Create a fascinating memory dune-bashing and it is worth every penny you pay for this adventure. Tours across the desert usually depart in the afternoon and include multiple stops for you to click photographs as part of this exciting dune drive.

Enjoy the sights of a camel farm, the beautiful sunset and also a wondrous campsite. Sand-board and get pretty hennas, while enjoying shisha and a dinner under the starlight.

Buggy tour around the Dubai sands

There is a third way to tour the sand dunes of Dubai, and it is a stress-free experience. Get outdoors and have a good time on a sand dune buggy Dubai tour, which can be altered to meet your needs and requirements. The buggy is equipped with an automatic gearbox and 4WD to make riding the dunes easy, safe and controlled. This guided tour ensures you can enjoy the thrilling speed while exploring the dunes.

Dubai has the perfect conditions to enjoy dune bashing. The warm, dry weather along with the off-road tracks and the beautiful sandy dunes is quite an adventure, which is offered by many tour operators at the best dune bashing Dubai price.

Check with DAMAC Maison concierge desk to organise multiple tours that include touring the sand dunes and have your fill of adventures. Choose from these arrangements and you can have the one-of-a-kind experience.