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Your Very Own Magic Carpet Ride – A Dubai City Tour

Your Very Own Magic Carpet Ride – A Dubai City Tour

Alongside contemporary architecture, marvellously engineered landmarks and abundant greenery, Dubai has managed to retained old, and traditional parts of the city. All these make Dubai tourism enticing for global travellers; a double-decker Dubai city tour is an excellent way to savour the best of this middle-eastern tourist spot and explore its traditional famous must-visit places- be it the museum, elegant mosques or delightful souks.

A walk through history at the Dubai Museum

A walk down the Dubai creek leads you to through the historic Al Fahidi fort built in the late 1700’s and then into the erstwhile home of a former monarch and the present Dubai Museum. This is a living piece of history itself is the oldest structure in the city. Regional artefacts, as well as those born out of trade between Africa and Asia, full-fledged traditional Arab homes, bustling souks and display of weapons, crafts and musical instruments– the colourful, detailed and exquisite exhibits and dioramas give you a peek at life in Dubai during the pre-oil era.

Relive the traditional at Al Bastikaya

You can conveniently take a big bus tour, Dubai to visit the Al Bastakiya which lies in a historical neighbourhood of Dubai. It has carefully preserved homes and has been turned into a heritage village in the late 1990s. You can watch craftsman and artisans work their magic, listen to folk songs and while experiencing a taste of the traditional local life during your Dubai city tour.

Be enamoured by the beauty of Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque is a beautiful stone structure replete with detailed Persian architecture. A perfect example of openness of the Emirati culture, this is said to be one of the rare mosques across the globe and the only one in Dubai that receives non-Muslim visitors. While you can enjoy excellent views of this attractive masterpiece, you could also opt for an insightful cultural tour here.

The rush of the Gold Souk

Take an Abra to cross the Dubai Creek to reach the Dubai Gold Souk or a hop-on hop-off bus, Dubai, and be fascinated by the abundant display. This earmarked area is home to over 300 shops exclusively dealing with jewellery made of Gold and Diamond. Not only can you find the finest array of choices suitable for a variety of budgets and the finest of designs, but you can also name your price for a buy, many jewellery lovers consider this the paradise indeed.

The flavourful Spice souk

Opting for a Dubai hop-on hop-off tour services is a convenient way of visiting the famed Spice Souk. Winding, narrow lanes, lined with small shops, bags brimming over with herbs, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves along with shisha flavours, incense and more. Soak in the strong aromas, or indulge in a bounty of some of the best spices from all over the world.

While these are just a few places that could get you started off on your way to rediscovering places where old world charm lives comfortably by the side of the glitz and glamour, picking a select few to fit into your itinerary can be a challenge! Instead, a Dubai tour can be hassle-free and more fulfilling. Most of them come with guides to bring you interesting trivia, stopping along at the major locations to give you ample opportunities to go photographing, indulge in shopping or pick up lovely souvenirs. Go ahead and plan, for a visit to this magical land.

Our concierge desk can arrange day trips for our guests for 150 dirhams for adults and 135 dirhams for children (prices may vary according to season). Tour the historic highlights of Dubai and the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis The Palm, Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al Arab, all in half a day. The Gold Souk and the Spice Souk are also covered under the tour.