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Hot Air Balloon

Soak in the Exhilarating Views of Dubai While in a Hot Air Balloon

Always dreamt of experiencing the rising rays of the sun while soaring the skies? This dream can be a reality while in Dubai. One of the most popular adventures in Dubai is to tour the desert in a hot air balloon ride. While you are on this airborne adventure, you can bask in the warmth of the rising sun at a height of about 4000 feet. You will have a gorgeous view of the vast expanse of never-ending golden sands. Take the help of DAMAC Maison concierge desk to book the balloon adventures in Dubai ride that is most suitable to you.

The wonderful sights you will see

While on a hot air balloon ride, Dubai, you can witness roaming camels, grazing gazelles and the majestic Arabian Oryx lazing in their natural habitat of the sand dunes. The hot air balloon, Dubai, is usually manned by very experienced pilots who take you on this ride of your lifetime, which is considered to be a must-do thing on your bucket list. Dubai’s climate and geography are ideal for ballooning around the massive red dunes.

Rise early to start the ride

It is best to wake up quite early in order to gain the best experience atop a hot air balloon. Once you have booked a tour, you will be picked up from your hotel and driven to the point of boarding, which is usually the Desert Conservation Reserve in Dubai. This destination is roughly thirty minutes from the city. As soon as you reach the launch field, you will stare in awe at your colourful hot air balloon as it is inflated. The hot air balloon Dubai price is quite reasonable when you book it through a reputed tour operator.

Safety first

Listen carefully to the safety briefing giving by the pilot and then step into the basket of the balloon, before it takes to the skies. Typically, each basket has the capacity to hold up to 24 people, with enough room for every individual to move about comfortably. Don’t forget to keep your camera handy as you soar the sky so you can capture the views of the golden sands that stretch out beneath you.

As you watch the beauty of the sunrise and the rays striking the red sands, your pilot will give a brief explanation about the barren landscape and its resident wildlife. Each balloon ride usually lasts about an hour, before it reaches the ground. You can head to the launch centre after the tour and collect your epic flight’s personalised certificate, while enjoying a drink or two at the café.

Whether you are a resident or on a holiday in the City of Gold, the views offered from the balloons in Dubai will take your level of appreciating nature to new levels. Enjoy the desert landscape and its unique wildlife, while enjoying your time in Dubai.