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Spas in Dubai

Spas in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai, is among the countries which have witnessed the highest growth in Spa and Wellness industry in the last few years. The increase in tourism inflow and rising incomes has contributed to the proliferation of Spas in Dubai.

Catering to all categories of guests - local population, expats and leisure travelers, Spas in Dubai’s luxury hotels and resorts are now standard amenities.

All kinds of guests- younger and older, men and women are seeking lavish Spa experiences. Couples and families see Spa therapy as a way to spend quality time with their loved ones and share positive experiences with them. When people visit a destination like Dubai, they don’t just want to sightsee; they also want to enjoy the authentic services of the best spas in Dubai. Many travelers start their Dubai itinerary with a relaxing massage at Dubai Airport Spa.

Spa centers are the perfect place for you to focus on well-being, to heal yourself, and to regain clarity and balance in your life.

Luxury Spas in Dubai offer relaxing therapy to free the mind and body and restore your natural balance with pampering treatments. Natural extracts, lotions and oils used in Spa therapy get rid of toxins in the body and improve cells regeneration. It also removes dirt elements pores and gives a vibrant glow to your skin. Some of the Spa packages in Dubai use techniques for weight loss. Hot tub therapies have helped people lose a few extra pounds. People suffering from chronic arthritis, muscle spasms and back pain have reported great benefits from Spa therapy.

The Spa’s at luxury hotels like DAMAC Maison have a reputation for being in the top spas in Dubai. High-quality services of each of their luxury spas ensure ultimate indulgence, relaxation and rejuvenation. Common facilities include Jacuzzis, steam rooms, hammam slab, relaxation lounge etc. There is a retail outlet to help guests choose the best products. Generally, there are separate spas in Dubai for men and women but private suites are available for couples who wish to enjoy the relaxing experience together. If you are specifically looking for a Spa for couples in Dubai, then look no further than DAMAC Maison, which is renowned for providing the best couples spa in Dubai.

DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street’s spa is called Softouch Spa, which provides a unique relaxing experience and rejuvenating treatments. Dreamworks Spa in DAMAC Maison Cour Jardin, has seven treatment rooms, sauna and Jacuzzi.

DAMAC Maison also has an extensive outdoor swimming area, recreation space and state of the art fitness club. You can enjoy marvelous views of Dubai Skyline while getting pampered with various wellness services.