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Take a Memorable Dhow Cruise Along Dubai Marina

Take a Memorable Dhow Cruise Along Dubai Marina

While feasting your eyes on the soaring skyscrapers and beautiful sands of Dubai is a mesmerising experience, a cruise atop a Dubai Marina Dhow is quite a different pleasure. For everyone who wishes to experience a memorable event, a dhow cruise Dubai Marina tour is a must-try.

The Marina is a beautiful canal city styled in the Venetian tradition, which showcases enjoyable sights and inspiring landmarks of Dubai. A journey down this waterway will show you the beautiful view of the entire city, a 2-mile stretch of the gorgeous Gulf shore and the picturesque skyline.

Daily sightseeing boat cruise Dubai tour

During your stay at the DAMAC Maison, you can inquire with the concierge desk for the best dhow cruise Dubai price and tour. Of the many tours offered, one of the most frequented and sought-after tours by residents and tourists alike is the one-hour daily cruise. Climb aboard the traditional Arabic wooden dhow and enjoy a one-hour tour of the sparkling Marina scene. The traditional yacht cruise Dubai tour operates eight times a day and seven days a week. You can savour the essence of the Persian shoreline along with the other guests while enjoying the detailed guided tour.

An hour of the sparkling skyline

As the relaxing one hour begins at the Dubai cruise terminal, you will play witness to the prominent sight of the scaling buildings and lavish residences surrounding the Marina. The view includes the large and brightly-lit Dubai Marina Mall, the spacious Marina Yacht Club, the cluster of five-star restaurants and hotels, and other inspiring architecture. While you enjoy the view and experience the water, you can unwind and relax with the melodious English and Arabic tunes playing in the background.

How about a dinner cruise atop the dhow?

Pick a tour operator and climb aboard a dhow for the perfect Dubai dinner cruise. The tour is for about three hours and lets you enjoy the scenery of New Dubai. Most of the dinner cruises function from 8 pm and end around 10:30 pm. You can take your loved one and sail the waters of the Arabian shoreline while spending some quality time with them. Witness some of the best sights of the lit-up skyline and the Marina Park.

Sip on a delicious beverage as you float along the Marina

The dinner dhow cruise usually includes a red-carpet welcome with a refreshing drink and traditional dates offered upon arrival. Two hours of floating along the waters include wondrous sights, a delicious international buffet and some selected soft beverages. While enjoying your meal, you will also have soft background music playing to add to the romantic feel.

Be it for an hour or to enjoy a scrumptious buffet, the nostalgic and original Arabic dhow cruise provides a completely restful and reposed ambience through the entire experience. You can enjoy Dubai’s scenery while seated on the unique and luxurious dhow majlis seating that includes low tables and cushions. Whether it is a small group or a formal gathering, a dhow cruise along the Marina is one of the most memorable experiences ever.