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Louvre, Abu Dhabi

Louvre, Abu Dhabi

In recent times, Abu Dhabi has strived to define itself as an arts and culture capital of the region. There has been huge investment in developing a cultural district complete with collaboration with world famous institutions. Thus, your Abu Dhabi trip will now include a chance to view some of the rarest and most precious artworks from across the world in one state-of-the-art destination. One of these hallmark venues is the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Louvre in the Gulf

With the Louvre Abu Dhabi opening in this region, you can now get the experience of Paris’s famous institution on your trip to UAE. Situated in the Saadiyat Island Cultural District of the city, the museum is spread over 260000 sq. ft. It showcases valuable and famous art collections from across genres, timelines and geographies. In the ‘le Louvre Abu Dhabi’ you can witness famous photographs by eminent photographers like Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey, George Wilson Bridges and Roger Fenton in its photography section. Other artefacts at the sprawling premises of the Abu Dhabi Louvre include the 5000-year-old sculpture of a Bactrian princess and paintings by Paul Gauguin and Rene Magritte. If you are an art lover, expect a thrilling experience to cherish as the museum also plans to exhibit famous works from other world-famous museums. These may include Leonardo da Vinci's La Belle Ferronniere, a Van Gogh self-portrait, and art by Monet and Jacques-Louis David.


One cannot simply describe any big project in Abu Dhabi without mentioning the design and architecture of the place. When you visit this vibrant city, prepare to be awestruck by the ground-breaking architecture and revolutionary designs that you will be witnessing. The Louvre in Abu Dhabi is a facility that is designed by the famed architecture company Jean Nouvel Development. The structure aims to harmonise with the extreme desert temperatures and is created around a dome, a salute to the biggest symbol of Arab architecture. With large spaces and lots of natural light, this modern facility is unlike most museum spaces in the world. A visit to the Louvre on Saadiyat Island is a chance for you to admire an architectural spectacle that is a marriage of innovative design and natural surroundings. It has the added context of some of the most priceless works of art in the world.

When you visit the Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi, you will be part of a cultural bridging experience. Treasures of the West are showcased in a region that has, for centuries, been regarded as the connection between East and West. With DAMAC Maison, you can discover the ‘musée du Louvre Abu Dhabi’ along with other hidden gems of Abu Dhabi city. Stay in one of our many hotels to have a memorable trip where you will immerse yourself in what Abu Dhabi has to offer. As more travellers flock to this fast-evolving destination, we can assure you a comprehensive organised trip which will set the stage for happy vacation memories that will linger for a long time.