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The Zayed National Museum

The mark of a visionary- The Zayed National Museum

There’s the quaint and the quirky, the natural and the man-made. One can’t help but notice the semblance of the underlying harmony that seems to tie it all together in Dubai. For those willing to dig deeper, a trip to the Zayed National Museum on the Saadiyat Island can prove to be an enriching experience in itself. Established in honour of the Father of the UAE – the late Sheikh Zayed, this structure is a vision of beauty that exudes the land’s deep-rooted link to Falconry. It houses multiple dedicated sections within to take you through the journey of the Emirati States, the historical role played by this magnanimous Sheikh and more.

Of tales and times gone by

This gallery highlights the remarkable progress of the UAE under the guidance of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It focuses on his accomplishments, farsighted qualities and the individual values that he epitomised. This section at the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum comes replete with photographs, literature and video footages, and personal memorabilia. These give you a peek at his personal life and you gain insight on the transformation of the UAE under his political guidance.

Falconry – a traditional and environmentally pertinent link

The falcon is a national symbol of unification of Dubai. This gallery highlights the interest of Sheikh Zayed in conservation of the environment and that of the land, which form an essential part of his philosophy. A huge attraction for Visitors to the Sheikh Zayed Museum is that, at specified times, one can experience falconry first-hand in the outdoor arena.

Utilising Land, water and resources

Resources are significant to people and their sustenance. This section houses archaeological finds and related material to showcase how the people of the land used resources like metals, minerals and more to not only survive but innovate and thrive. The UAE is now a leader to be reckoned in the area of sustainable development.

The defining Heritage and Culture

This section showcases the roles of all traditional citizens of UAE from pearl divers to merchants, camel herders to cultivators, through their voices. The ways in which core traditions such as dance, poetry, social values and the hospitality extended to all have been and continue to be integral to the nation.

Of all things scientific and educative

A representative of a sound basis in science, astronomy and medicine, this gallery walks visitors through traditional ways of finding accurate answers to everyday needs. Visitors can interact with exhibits to experience the tools as well as techniques used by people. The Sheikh Zayed Theatre shows how education plays a pivotal part, as do arts, literature, and modern technological development in the UAE today.

This museum also has a section dedicated to the Islam to foster a better understanding of this religion. Overall, the Sheikh Zayed National Museum exudes modern verve that comes with a foundation in rich tradition. It is a masterpiece amalgamation of art and science in itself. Created by prize-winning international architects, it is a fitting tribute to the visionary Sheikh Zayed and an excellent way to learn more about the UAE, indeed!

For a visit to the museum, you can choose from one of the city tours organised by us at DAMAC Maison. On your request, we can guide you to make the best visit to the museum and other attractions around it.